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The mission to keep Wisconsin blue starts NOW! We’ve got just ONE YEAR TO WIN, and we’re talking to voters in every corner of the state about the issues that matter most to them. Let’s do this!

Please consider volunteering for two hours on the weekend of November 6 & 7 to make this a reality. Sign up to canvass with the East Side Progressives here!

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ESP Summer Forum Series #3

We’ve postponed the topic of the Madison School Budget until later in the Fall when we’ll have more information on the state’s school funding and fall enrollments which affect funding.

ESP Summer Forum Series #2

Fair Maps – watch forum here

On July 1 Carlene Bechen, field organizer from Fair Maps Wisconsin, gave us a great overview of how communities and even neighborhoods have been artificially carved into voting districts that create skewed representation in the State and Federal Legislatures.

If you missed the event, you can still view the entire forum on the Eastside Progressives YouTube channel via this url:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lCrmHPKR7M. We encourage you to share this url with friends and neighbors.

Most importantly, take action to support fair maps by getting involved with the People’s Maps Commission and contacting your elected officials now before final census figures are released.

What can you do?

  • Map your community and submit it to the People’s Maps Commission: https://portal.wisconsin-mapping.org/ Your input on what is a “community of interest” is needed by the end of July!
  • Understand more about Gerrymandering and how it erodes democracy.

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ESP Summer Forum Series

Have you ever paused at the recycling bin and wondered if what you’re throwing out is actually recyclable, or what will happen to it after it’s picked up? 

The East Side Progressives sponsored a June 3 virtual program to answer such questions. Sue Jones, who has worked for a decades to improve and protect our environment, is now a Master Recycler!

Watch Sue’s presentation about how working together, we can reduce the trash going into our recycling bins, reduce the amount of material in the landfill, and help build a more sustainable community.

Click here to Watch June 3rd Recycling program

Watch Thursday’s Virtual Town Hall!

Virtual Town Hall with the District 16 Alder candidates. Hear from each candidate about their plans and vision for our neighborhoods and city!

View Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BR3XhopcLXU

Recent events

Forum on MMSD 2020 Referenda

We partnered with Grandparents United for Madison Public Schools to host a virtual forum Thursday, September 24 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm about two referenda questions that will be on the November 3 ballot.

Voters in the Madison Metropolitan School District catchment area will be asked to approve $350 million to support capital and operating expenses for Madison’s public schools.

At our forum, district officials presented the referenda details. Followed by Q&A.

Candidate Forum for August 11th Primary

Check out our Candidate Forum for the August 11th primary election. We spoke with candidates for Senate District 16 and Assembly District 48.

Transcript available here

About Us

We, the Eastside Progressives, strive to be a racially, ethnically, and economically diverse community of people committed to social justice. 

There are three pillars to our work:  engagement, outreach, and sustainability:

Engagement: Provide pathways for education and productive activism in order to build and sustain a strong progressive community.

Outreach: Engage voters, volunteers, and candidates in the communities we serve.

Sustainability: Continue to strive to encourage progressive activism now and into the future.